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1. Funded system of bonuses in exchange:

  • от 0 до 99 USD – 0.01%
  • от 100 до 999 USD – 0.02%
  • от 1000 до 4999 USD – 0.03%
  • от 5000 до 9999 USD – 0.04%
  • от 10000 до 19999 USD – 0.05%
  • more 20000 USD – 0.06%

2. The ability to observe the history of applications Statistics exchanges, transitions.
3. When creating applications, the data of your details will be prescribed in the field automatically.
4. Activated affiliate program.

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Affiliate program:

We offer you to participate in the affiliate program: invite wishing to conduct exchanges on our website.
For each exchange on your invitation (affiliate link) in your personal account, you will be charged a fee in the amount of:

  • 0.7% a guest of the amount you exchange.

After registration, in your account you can see the links, promotional materials (texts, banners) as well as courses for the export file monitoring.
All that is required – to invite visitors to our website, posting promotional materials on their home pages, blogs, forums, question and answer services, bulletin boards, etc.
Your link will contain a unique code that will identify that a visitor has come precisely from you.
Charges and payment of affiliate program are conducted in the currency of your purse specified in your account.
The minimum amount for the request is 1 USD.
The values of partner remuneration and cumulative discounts – may change unilaterally with a notice to the news site.
This all means are stored in your personal account, taking into account the conditions of the earlier.