Today 20.01.2018 - 16:00 MSK time
Service work status
The minimum amount of exchange 3 Perfect Money USD
The maximum amount of exchange 1000 PM USD in one application.
Commission in Perfect Money make:
Verify the PM: plus + 0.5% to the amount of the translation.
Do not verified in the PM: plus + 1.99% to the amount of the translation.
For greater security account in Perfect Money,
recommend that the settings PM:
“User Authentication” and “Code Card”
Exchange rate: 1 USD Perfect Money = 0.98 USD ADVcash
In the exchangers reserve: ADVcash 309.1501 USD
Min. exchange amount: 3 USD
Max. exchange amount: 1000 USD
Enter the amount you want to send :
Specify at least: 3 USD Perfect Money
Example of payment system commission: Perfect Money 0.0199 USD
In your account, taking into account the approximate commission, there should be an amount :
Taking into account the bonus 0 %, Receive:
In the exchangers reserve:
ADVcash 309.1501 USD
You will be sent USD :
Personal data

Enter a valid email address, it will come to you a letter on the status of the application

Enter your reply
Remember entered data ***
* - required field
** - approximate calculation depends on various factors:
(location, status purse, loaded with payment system)
*** - for registered users
Exchange Perfect Money USD to ADVcash USD
exchange instruction.
Step 1 (first)
1. Enter the amount of exchange in the top field (column: ‘ GIVE’ ) ‘Amount’
In the lower field (column: Get ) ‘Amount’ you will see the calculation of the amount receivable
And so you can start with a lower field (column: ‘ get’ ) ‘Amount’
if you want a specific need of your money.
2. Fill in the accounts ‘ given to’ ‘ get’ ,
as well as e-mail, (name, phone – not in all directions)
The accuracy of the data depends on the exchange.
3. Click ‘ Continue’
Step 2 (second)
4. Recheck data applications.
(if you want to change, click ‘ Edit’ )
5. Read the article ‘ exchange Security ‘ and ‘ Regulation ‘ ,
if you have read and accept them,
tick the appropriate box (without this exchange is not possible)
6. Click the ‘ Create request’
Step 3 (third)
7. Next: Translation for the specified instructions and contact details (do not hurry)
8. After you complete this procedure,
make sure that you really did translation
and only then click ‘ I did / a / translation’
(This button is present for manual exchange)
9. Next: there will be a transition to the page ‘ Status Application’
the status of your application.
‘Expect the implementation of the application by the operator ‘ If you have questions,
write Consultant (bottom of the page, to the right)