Today 20.01.2018 - 16:03 MSK time
Service work status
Translations from WM purses will not be accepted
Accepted Checks PAYMER E-currency agent
These checks are changing and the exchange takes place immediately
Release can check with the certificate “Personal” and above
Read more on the issue of the check: E-currency
Issue a check in WM Keeper WebPro: Keeper WebPro
Validity checks should not be less than 1 month
We recommended to produce a check for 1 year
Commission WM +0.8% when translated in Paymer service
Commission Paymer +1% the issuance of the check
Accepted prepaid WM-card
Terms of WM card exchange
These cards can not be replaced,
for this reason: Cards are accepted for implementation.
Time card exchange WM is not defined and depends on demand
(an average of about 24 hours)
Minimum amount of exchange: 5 Paymer WMZ
Maximum amount of exchange: 200 Paymer WMZ in one application
For exchange:
Enter data check / cards Paymer WMZ in the field: ‘Number’ ‘Code’
(Make sure that you have provided and created by a check confirmed)
Exchange rate: 1 USD Paymer WMZ = 55.4026 RUB Qiwi
In the exchangers reserve: Qiwi 32031.5327 RUB
Min. exchange amount: 5 USD
Max. exchange amount: 200 USD
Enter the amount you want to send :
Specify at least: 5 USD Paymer WMZ

Number check/card consists of a set of numbers

Code check/card consists of a set of numbers

Taking into account the bonus 0 %, Receive:
In the exchangers reserve:
Qiwi 32031.5327 RUB
You will be sent RUB :
Personal data

Enter a valid email address, it will come to you a letter on the status of the application

Начинается с 7
Пример: 79001001010 (только Российские номера)

Enter your reply
Remember entered data ***
* - required field
** - approximate calculation depends on various factors:
(location, status purse, loaded with payment system)
*** - for registered users
Exchange Paymer WMZ USD on Qiwi RUB

E-currency exchange Online:
Exchange instruction


On the main page:
In the left column: “Sеlect the currency you want to change”
In the right column: “Sеlect the currency you want to receive”
There will transition to the pre-creation page of the application.
In it you can enter/edit the amount and the currency exchange,
as well as to specify your details to continue sharing


Step 1 (first)
• In block “Is given to” register your exchange amount
in the field: “Enter the amount you want to send”
• In block “Receive” (located below) in the “You will be sent to”
you will see the calculation of the amount receivable
• And so you can start with a lower block “Receive”
if you want to get exactly the amount you need.
• Enter your data, e-mail, phone, etc. in the appropriate fields.
• Then click “Continue”
Step 2 (second)
Step check the entered data amounts and,
• If you want to make changes, click click the “Edit”
• Read the article exchange and Rules
if you have read and agree with the rules,
tick the appropriate box
(Without this exchange is not possible)
• Then click
“Create request”


Step 3 (third)
Step transfer your amount according to the instructions of exchange
the said exchanger details (do not hurry)
• After you complete this procedure,
make sure that you really did translation
and click “I made (a) translation of”
There will transition to a new page with the status of the application status of your application.
Expect the implementation of the application by the operator


• If you have questions, write to Consultant (bottom of the page, to the right)