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Translations from WM purses are not accepted

Accepted Checks PAYMER Agent E-currency
The data of the check is replaced and the exchange takes place immediately

Learn more about the Paymer service
You can issue a check with the certificate “Personal” and higher
More information about check issuance: E-currency
Issue a check in WM Keeper WebPro: Keeper WebPro


The validity of the check must be at least 1 month
We recommend issuing a check for 1 year


Commission WM +0.8% when transferring to the Paymer service
Commission Paymer +1% when issuing a check

Accepted prepaid WM cards
More about WM maps by link

WM Card Exchange Terms
The data of the cards can not be replaced,
For this reason: Cards are accepted for sale
The time of WM card exchange is not determined and depends on the demand
(On average about 24 hours)

The minimum amount of exchange 10 USD Paymer WMZ
Maximum amount of exchange 200 USD Paymer WMZ in one order

To quickly confirm a transaction on the Bitcoin network
Commission is: minus – 0.0002 BTC from your amount of receipt


For exchange:
Enter the Paymer WMZ check / card details in the fields: ‘Number’ ‘Code’
(Make sure you provided and confirmed the check you created)

Exchange rate: 1 USD Paymer WMZ = 0.00011676 BTC Bitcoin
In the exchangers reserve: Bitcoin 0.00033125 BTC
Min. exchange amount: 10 USD
Max. exchange amount: 200 USD
Enter the amount you want to send :
Specify at least: 10 USD Paymer WMZ

Number check/card consists of a set of numbers

Code check/card consists of a set of numbers

Taking into account the bonus 0 %, Receive:
In the exchangers reserve:
Bitcoin 0.00033125 BTC
You will be sent BTC :
Commission payment system: Bitcoin 0.0002 BTC
In your account will be BTC :
Personal data

Enter a valid email address, it will come to you a letter on the status of the application

Enter your reply
Remember entered data ***
* - required field
** - approximate calculation depends on various factors:
(location, status purse, loaded with payment system)
*** - for registered users
Exchange Paymer WMZ USD to Bitcoin BTC

E-currency exchange Online:
Exchange instruction


On the main page:
In the left column: “Sеlect the currency you want to change”
In the right column: “Sеlect the currency you want to receive”
There will transition to the pre-creation page of the application.
In it you can enter/edit the amount and the currency exchange,
as well as to specify your details to continue sharing


Step 1 (first)
• In block “Is given to” register your exchange amount
in the field: “Enter the amount you want to send”
• In block “Receive” (located below) in the “You will be sent to”
you will see the calculation of the amount receivable
• And so you can start with a lower block “Receive”
if you want to get exactly the amount you need.
• Enter your data, e-mail, phone, etc. in the appropriate fields.
• Then click “Continue”
Step 2 (second)
Step check the entered data amounts and,
• If you want to make changes, click click the “Edit”
• Read the article exchange and Rules
if you have read and agree with the rules,
tick the appropriate box
(Without this exchange is not possible)
• Then click
“Create request”


Step 3 (third)
Step transfer your amount according to the instructions of exchange
the said exchanger details (do not hurry)
• After you complete this procedure,
make sure that you really did translation
and click “I made (a) translation of”
There will transition to a new page with the status of the application status of your application.
Expect the implementation of the application by the operator


• If you have questions, write to Consultant (bottom of the page, to the right)