Break. The abandoned applications will be processed from 8.00 to Moscow time.
Обмен будет проведён после 3 (трёх) подтверждений сетью Bitcoin
В среднем первое подтверждение занимает от 5 до 30 минут


Если BTC отправлены вами без комиссии
или сумма комиссии будет минимальной,
то подтверждение сетью Bitcoin может продлиться более месяца


О транзакциях и подтверждениях в сети Bitcoin,
можно прочитать по ссылкам: и


Комиссию в сеть Bitcoin,
рекомендуем отправлять не менее 0.0005 BTC
(это только рекомендация, точнее рассчитает ваш Bitcoin кошелёк)


Транзакции и подтверждения в сети Bitcoin,
(указав счёт Bitcoin кошелька или хеш транзакции)
можно посмотреть на сайтах: и


Информация о Bitcoin терминах, вариантах кошельков,
на официальном сайте:

Минимальная сумма обмена 0.0002 BTC Bitcoin
Максимальная сумма 0.1 BTC Bitcoin в одной заявке
Exchange rate: 1 BTC Bitcoin = 216511.05 RUB Phone balance
Min. exchange amount: 0.0002 BTC
Max. exchange amount: 0.1 BTC
Enter the amount you want to send :
Enter no more than: 0.1 BTC
Example of payment system commission: Bitcoin 0.0005 BTC
In your account, taking into account the approximate commission, there should be an amount :
Taking into account the bonus 0 %, Receive:
Reserve Phone balance: 2530.66 RUB
You will be sent RUB :
You can not get more: 2530.66 RUB

The name of the mobile operator sim-card. Example: Beeline.

Personal data

Enter a valid email address, it will come to you a letter on the status of the application

Начинается с 7
Пример: 79001001010 (только Российские номера)

Enter your reply
Remember entered data ***
* - required field
** - approximate calculation depends on various factors:
(location, status purse, loaded with payment system)
*** - for registered users
Exchange Bitcoin BTC to Mobile connect RUB

Exchange Instruction

This page contains five blocks /sections/:
1 Information about the direction of exchange: Commission of payment systems, min/max. the amount of exchange, the reserve exchanger and additional. information. /read it/
2 Give
3 Receive
4 Your Data
5 Exchange Instruction

Step 1 /First/
In the Submit:
enter your amount of exchange in the field: Enter the amount you want to send
In the Receive /block is below/ in the You will be sent and On your account will be received
you will see the calculation of the amount to be received.
You can also start with the Get block
if you want to get exactly the amount you need.
Enter the beneficiary’s account, we will send the transfer to him.
In the box: Your Data , provide the information you need.
Enter the correct code response /captcha/
Then click the Continue button.

Step 2 /Second/
The step of checking the entered amounts and data,
If you want to make changes, click the Edit
Read the article Security sharing and Site Rules
if you read and agree with the rules,
tick the appropriate box
/without this exchange will not be possible/
Next, click the Create Purchase button

Step 3 /Third/
Step of transferring your exchange amount according to the instructions
to the exchange requisites indicated by the exchanger /do not rush/
After completing the described steps,
make sure that you did translate
and click the I payd
There will be a transition to a new page of the status of the application with the status of your application.
Wait for the statement to be executed by the operator

If you have any questions, please write to Consultant /bottom of the page, from the right/